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Board Minutes for April 3, 2012

posted Apr 12, 2012, 8:37 AM by Shari Kimery   [ updated Apr 12, 2012, 8:38 AM ]

Lee Foundation Board Meeting
 April 3, 2012

Those present:  Myers Campbell, Kim McCoy, Paul and Sarah Dougherty, Cyndee Maxwell, EvaMarie Campbell, Patty Eaton, Mark Franks, Shari Kimery, Rayanne Toby.

1.  Introductions were made.

 2.  Financial report:  Balance of bank statement is $7,102.35

      Total of all holdings:  $13,427.86

3.  Mrs. Taylor:  mowing out by the window-needs a volunteer.  Myers will check with Mr. Toby.

 4.  Fundraising:  Mark Franks.  Mailed out 100 letters for funding.  Has about 100 to go.  Will follow

     up with personal contact.

 5.  Shari Kimery- PayPal will be up soon on our website so people can donate online.   Facebook

     alumni - Shari keep posting updates and events.

6.  Cyndee Maxwell- front entry garden.  Working on putting in summer plants.  Working on getting

      mulch to spread.  Working on rebuilding the area between the office door and 21st street.  Will

      make a proposal for the amount needed to do this.

 7.  Natural playground-  Patty Eaton.       Easement will not be a significant difference.  Will work with

     Mrs. H about use of playground space.  Need to keep 2 soccer fields.  Getting some donations for

     the project.  Mrs. Creekpaum’s funds from Teacher of the Year award will go toward this project.

 8.  Sarah Dougherty- requesting of grants for spring donations – Natural Playground application.

 9.  Lee Elementary Carnival:  Horse rides from the UM Boys Ranch.  Kim McCoy will have a banner for

     Lee Foundation that can be used at various events.  Carnival is April 28th, 4:00- 6:30pm

 10. History project- gathering names of alumni to record and video memories.

      Working with Tulsa Historical Society.  Also - Send them donation letters.  Scott is reading to

      compile lists from the Lee Yearbooks

 11.  Have Lee on the list for the Maple Ridge Garden Tour.

Meeting adjourned at 12:37

Provided by EvaMarie Campbell

Shari Kimery,
Apr 12, 2012, 8:37 AM